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Petrovszki Krisztián

The most important goal of our company is to utilize the secondary raw materials generated in the building industry as much as possible, to reduce the burden on the environment and to make the best possible use of waste materials for construction companies.

We regard maximum reliability, professionalism and respect for our partners as the key of development.

Our environment is the natural habitat in which we live. It deserves maximum care and effort, and we should work together to preserve it for the coming generations.

Krisztián Petrovszki, managing director


Greennovation Grand Prize
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Our story

  • 2018 - Based on the volumes treated, our company became the second largest waste manager in Hungary.
  • 2018 - The Association of Environmental Service Providers and Producers donates the "Environmental Protection Award" award to the company as a recognition for its activities so far. Hungary's TOP 100 Most Interesting Innovation - Clean-Way Kft. is on the list!
  • 2017 - The Clean-Way Ltd. is the 10th in the list of the 100 largest Hungarian waste recycling companies.
  • 2015 - This year the company opened their waste recycling plant in Gyál, which is a secure background for each project.
  • 2014 - This year our unique waste management application was created and finally it became possible to coordinate the construction projects in the country and the economical and environmentally friendly utilization of the extracted waste.
  • 2010 - From that time on, the Ltd. participated in the project Dunaspirit, and from that point on, they took up the utilization of construction waste into their activities also.
  • 2008 - The Clean-Way Kft. was established, whose main profile was the utilization of excavated soils and civil engineering in the first times; and it quickly became commissioned several major investments all over the country.

Quantities of soil and waste delivered


  • Waste management
  • Waste transport
  • Waste collection
  • Waste recovery
  • Building local landfills
  • Development of innovative waste management systems
  • Recultivation
  • Recovery and sale of secondary raw materials
  • Project management
  • Arranging public procurement procedures from both side
  • Civil engineering
  • Flood control
  • Landscape rehabilitation
  • Transportation

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